Trinity Kids

UPDATE: Like all our in-person church activities, our Children’s Church program is on hold during the pandemic to help keep everyone safe. We hope the Family Resources section of our website will be of some help to those looking for ways to integrate faith and family during this time. There are also weekly activity bulletins that go with each Sunday’s lectionary readings, available for download on our Worship Services page. Please get in touch if we may be able to be of assistance to you!

Throughout the school year, the “Children’s Church” Sunday School program meets during the morning worship service. We begin worship in the sanctuary with the rest of the congregation, then move to our own worship and learning space after the Children’s Story. All kids are welcome! (Kids under 4, please bring a parent with you…thanks!)

The offering collected in Sunday School supports the Veloo Foundation’s Children of the Peak” Sanctuary in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, which provides food, clothing, and a warm, safe, learning environment for children whose families make their living foraging at the garbage dump. All money goes directly to helping the kids (no operating costs are taken from our donations).

veloo collage

.(“Children of the Peak” photos used with permission.)